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Designing and Hosting.

If you decide to build your site instead of you, you have to provide us with some information, and mainly your job.
This information is useful for us because we can understand your needs and the target group of your site.

For example, if you are a builder your clients must be older ages, because usually a teenager does not build or repair its house.
So you need something simple, with texts and photos which describe your work and how they contact with you.

If you sell the last technology gadgets, yes, you need something more complicate, maybe you need a lot of scripts, databases, and banners etc.
Now, to understand the charge policy, if you belong in the first example, for 10-15 pages site we will charge you 190 euro, including domain name registration, designing and hosting. Renew fees are 45 euro.
For the second example we can’t give a price offer now, we have to talk it first.