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There are a lot of solutions and all address to different groups.

1.Paid solution, which enables you to hire a programmer and build your own shop that fits 100% to your needs.
The advantages are that you have a nice and unique shop, which is  supported by mail and phone services. On the other hand, the disadvantages are that your investment starts from a few hundred or even thousand euros, depending on your needs, so the final cost can not be estimated. If your needs increase e.g. you have to add a new payment gateway, then you may have to hire a programmer once again. As a conclusion this solution is suitable only for experts in internet sales.

2.Free or cheap hosting. The advantages are that e-shop hosting pages, are cheap or even free and they usually provide a good level of support. However there are limits on the categories and the number of  the products .Also there is only a small range in  payment method usually only by paypal, and in addition banners and advertisement  pop out in your shop, which means that one has to pay in order not to appear in the e-shop.
You can follow this solution if you sell teddy bears in your friends.

3.Open source. Well, it is considered to be a quite good option and is offered by the hosting providers, including familiahost.com.
It’s 100% free and during the control panel you can install it in your site.
The advantages are that a lot of modules exist, payment gateways, unlimited categories, products and much more. Unfortunately your shop is not unique and the support offered by the forum is not always precise. Furthermore if you wish to change the template or to add another module you may be asked for a small fee.

In Familiarhost.com we think that the best option for a start up is prestashop, an open source application with a lot of features. Find more info at www.prestashop.com
You don’t need a programming knowledge base, because we make the installation for you and we set all the parameters for the database. Also we offer you unlimited disc space and bandwidth and a sub domain for your shop. After those simple steps you will be ready to run your online business with a cost only of 15 euro annually!