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SEO and promotion

What is SEO and it is necessary for you?

Searching in internet for a service or a product you hit some key words lets say that you look for a plumber, you will hit, plumber, quality plumber, plumber in my area, cataclysm plumber,

Our mission is to do all the necessary works for a search engine friendly site, which appears in a good position e.g. in google.
There are two categories of SEO, basic and advance.
In the first category we make indexing of your site in the biggest search engines like google, yahoo etc. with the necessary keywords such as your name, your job, your area.
The advance category includes the above, but we make quality link building, submission in secondary search engines and directories, article writing and submission, market research and much more.

Do I need SEO and promotion?

The answer is everybody, but not in the same level.
Our plumber needs advance SEO level; there are a lot of plumbers in an area and the client hit, plumber in my area, plumber cheap prices.
Let’s say that you are heart surgeon, its hard to say that the patient hit, heart surgeon cheap prices, he/she looks for doctor X, heart surgeon in Z hospital, doctors in my area, ooh you are lucky you earn more money than a plumber and you will pay less for a basic SEO, unfortunately life is not fair.